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Can’t seem to get your RC helicopter to fly straight? It’s frustrating when you take your RC helicopter out for a spin, only to discover that it turns or tilts uncontrollably. Whats’ even more frustrating is the simple fact that most people have no clue on how to troubleshoot problems such as this, so they resort to buying a brand new model. Before you end up tossing your old RC helicopter in the trash, you should try some of the following tips to see if it solves your problem. rc helicopter flying

Adjust Your Tail Rotor

If your tail rotor is not perfectly vertical, and sits slightly to one side, this may cause your RC heli to not fly straight.

Moving or rotating your tail rotor in the same direction that your copter is flying, should make your heli fly more in the opposite direction, and straighten itself out.

Adjust The Trim

I know this probably sounds like common sense to most seasoned RC pilots, but adjusting the trim can often fix problems with a side-flying helicopter. Helicopters – both RC models and real ones – are said to be in trim when there’s little-to-no rotation in the axis.

If you notice rotation, your RC helicopter is out of trim and needs to be adjusted. For digital models, the trim controls are switches. For analog models, the trim controls are analog sticks – usually found next to the transmitter’s control sticks. Play around with the trim settings to see if you can even out your RC helicopter, so it flies straight.

Motor Gear

Another possible reason why your RC helicopter won’t fly straight is because the motor gear is stripped or malfunctioning. You can typically locate the motor gear by inspecting the underside of the helicopter, at which point you should see several gears of different size. When the helicopter takes off, the gears should rotate in uniform with one another. Pay close attention to the small gear located on the motor shaft, as it’s often the culprit when RC helicopters won’t fly straight. If it’s not moving in tandem with the larger gears, adjust it.


Just as turbulence can affect real helicopters and aircraft, it can also affect RC models. In fact, RC helicopters are more prone to wind gusts simply because they are smaller and lighter. So if you notice your RC helicopter tilting towards the left or right, check to see which way the wind is blowing. Is the wind blowing in the same direction of the tilt? If so, the problem is likely being caused by turbulence. You can either battle through the turbulence, or you can take your RC helicopter inside and wait for a better day to fly.

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