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When it comes to remote control (RC) helicopters, speed is everything – well, for most hobbyists at least. The faster a RC helicopter flies, the more stunts and maneuvers you can pull off. Besides, it’s just more enjoyable to fly a fast RC helicopter as opposed to a slow one. So, how can you improve the speed of your RC helicopter?

fast rc helicopter

Upgrade the Blades and Rotor

One of the easiest ways to make your RC helicopter go faster is to upgrade the blades and rotors. Most mid-to-high-end models feature interchangeable parts, meaning you can remove and replace components like the blades and rotors with new ones. Read the owner’s manual to determine whether or not this is an option. If it is, upgrade your RC helicopter by installing hobby-grade (not toy-grade) blades and rotors.

Choose Your Flight Destination Wisely

This doesn’t technically count as an upgrade, but it’s still worth mentioning that the area in which you fly your RC helicopter will affect its speed. If you fly in a large open field, you may notice stronger winds, which subsequently inhibit your RC helicopter’s speed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should fly in a wooded forest, but having large rocks, hills or other obstructions to block the wind will certainly help, so keep this in mind when choosing a location to fly.

Upgrade to a Gas or Nitro RC Helicopter

There are pros and cons associated with both battery-powered and gas or nitro RC helicopters. Battery-powered models are quieter, require less maintenance, and you can often fly them indoors. But if you are looking for speed, you’ll want to stick with either a gas or intro-powered model.

Adjust the Center of Gravity

If possible, try tweaking your RC helicopter’s center of gravity. Numerous forum postings and message boards have cited this as being an effective way to speed up an RC helicopter. Of course, this could come as little-to-no surprise to seasoned hobbyists. Basic physics should tell you that objects – when in flight – will boast faster speeds if they are properly balanced.

Remove Some Parts

This is not really our favorite method, but if you are technically minded and like to tinker with things, you could remove parts from your copter to make it run faster. There might be bars and plastic parts you could remove, especially near the back end. Just make sure you keep all the parts and the screws. You could even remove the LED lights, but this may requires you to cut wires. Keep in mind that if you remove parts from your copter, you may upset and change the center of gravity, so your RC helicopter might end up being unstable and not fly as well. as350 rc helicopter

Buy a “Higher End” RC Helicopter

If you are willing to spend more than $100, a great RC heli model is the AS350 RC Electric Helicopter. It has a 3 blade main rotor and is actually a meticulously crafted scale model of a real AS350 helicopter that is used by law enforcement agencies, hospitals, air medical services, and governments around the world.

You can switch between 2 flight modes. The 6G Mode is for beginner or inexperienced pilots. In this mode the flight is very stable and you can still fly really fast. It uses a brushless motor that provides constant high power.

The 3D mode is for experienced pilots and uses a 3-axis gyro for complicated acrobatic stunts, such as rolling, flying upside down, etc. as350 rc helicopter upside down

These are just a few of the many different ways to speed up a RC helicopter. Above all else, though, familiarize yourself with its respective gears and components. Learning about the mechanics behind your particular model will give you a better idea of how to optimize it for increased performance.

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