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There are many misconceptions people have relating to radio controlled helicopters. Many think they are just expensive fun toys that fly around in the air. However, they are more than that. While these helicopters are indeed fun to operate, they are much more than a model. If you fail to realize this while flying, then you or someone else will be seriously injured. “Wow”, you are probably thinking! Yes, you have to be careful when operating this powerful machine.

The Dangers

Even one of the mini RC helicopters is powerful enough to result in injury to a person if they get hit by one. In fact, it is best to be very careful when using your RC helicopter. Try to practice at a high level of safety. Don’t perform tricky stunts in areas where it is highly populated.

rc helicopter safety

Consider Safety Measures

When you start up your RC helicopter, be sure to consider all safety measures. Some of these include:

  •  Take off and land at a safe distance, about 20 feet in front of you.
  •  Steer clear of a crowd of people.
  •  Don’t fly close to trees, vehicles, buildings or power lines.
  •  Fly in good weather conditions within your skill level.
  •  Fly with someone else to receive help in case of an injury.
  •  Be prepared by having a cell phone ready, if there is an emergency.
  •  When flying indoors, choose an open area away from objects and people.  Practice taking off, landing,   hovering, and take very short “flights” until your flying skills increase.
  •  Don’t allow young children who are inexperienced to fly your helicopter.
  •  Be sure to follow all laws regarding RC helicopter flight.

Safety Concerns

There are other safety concerns to consider with your radio controlled helicopter. These have nothing to do with the actual flying of your helicopter. Mainly, you should make sure that you store your helicopter in the appropriate storage facility, especially to maintain your batteries and fuel. For helicopters with lithium polymer batteries, you should ensure that it is stored in a safe place when not in use. These batteries can be volatile and so, if it is not properly stored, it can cause damage in an explosion.

Battery Operated RC Helicopter

For the highest safety level, be sure to store batteries in a non-flammable container and at a distance from flammable items. When you are not flying, take out the battery – never, never leave it in. Remember, it is easy to replace the battery pack for the next time you get ready to fly. However, it can be quite costly if your battery pack catches fire.

RC Helicopter with Fuel

If you have a RC helicopter that operates on fuel, it is in your best interest to exhibit extreme caution, especially when storing it. Never store this kind of helicopter near a hot water heater or furnace. Furthermore, keep it away from appliances that create heat such as a microwave or stove. For added safety, store the RC helicopter fuel in a cool place, away from open flame or direct sunlight and of course, out of the reach of young children.


It is definitely exciting and fun to fly your RC helicopter. However, it is a hobby to be taken seriously. These are powerful machines and not just toys. They can hurt you or someone else if not operated in a safe manner. So take extra caution when flying.

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