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The RC Helicopter Remote Control shown above is for a UDI U13A model. Most 3 channel, coaxial RC helicopters have a similar remote control.

Before you can fly, you first need to charge the helicopter itself. This is done with an AC charger that plugs into the wall. Charging may take about an hour for the UDI U13A. Some other models can take up to 2 hours to charge.

The remote control (above) also requires 4 AA batteries. Other RC helicopter controllers can require anywhere from 4 to 8 batteries, usually AA size.

After the helicopter is charged and the batteries inserted, you turn the controller on with the switch in the center. An indicator light right above the switch will come on.

Before you take off make sure the copter is on a flat surface, that you are standing at least 8 feet away, and the craft isn’t near any objects. Pull the antenna out on the remote control.

The left joystick is the throttle. As you press up this stick up the rotor blades will start to spin, and the helicopter will ascend into the air. Releasing this stick causes the helicopter to descend. UDI U13A with controller

The right joystick is the rudder control.

Moving this stick to the left or right will cause the helicopter to move left or right.

Pushing this stick forward (or up) will make the helicopter’s nose point down, and it will fly forward.

Pushing this stick back (or down) will make the helicopter’s nose point up, and it will fly backwards.

The UDI U13A helicopter, as well as many other models, has two flight modes. The button on the bottom right that says “Accelerate” brings you into a “Master Hand Mode“. This is an advanced mode for more experienced flyers. It basically gives you more power to the tail rotor for “tricky” moves.

There are also fine-tuning adjustment knobs under the left and right joysticks, to fine-tune the throttle and rudder controls.

The UDI U13A is also equipped with lights (“Light control” button under Accelerate button) and a video camera (buttons on the left side), that will take still photos as well as videos.

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