Ready to Fly


Ready to fly (RTF) RC helicopters should include everything you need right out of the box, including batteries, a charger, and a transmitter.

It means no assembly is required – you don’t have to put the blade or any other parts on.

Many small indoor copters come as RTF models.

Even if an RC helicopter you purchase says RTF, or Ready to Fly, you should still check to make sure it is, and be sure to read the owner’s manual before you do anything with it.

Also, “Ready to Fly” may not mean the copter will be simple or extremely easy to fly.  Again, you should read the owner’s manual for any adjustments that have to be made, how to set and operate controls, etc.

You may also need to allow time to charge batteries before you begin flying.

Coaxial (dual rotor) helicopters are easier to fly than single rotor helicopters, even on a first time basis, but they still require practice to get good at flying.

A “built-in Gyro” also means the copter will be more stable and easier to fly.

Many RTF helicopters also have a dual rate function.  This is like a governor which cuts the speed controls in half.  This gives you easier control and reduces your chance of crashing, until you get used to flying.

There are also models with an auto-return function, which guards against losing control of the helicopter.

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