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UDI-U13A with camera











There are now many RC helicopter with camera models available.  The UDI U13A model shown above is an Amazon Best Seller.  It’s very fun and easy to fly.

It has a built in gyro that keeps it stable.  The camera is mounted on the bottom.  The video is recorded on to a micro SD card.  A 1 GB card will store enough video for the 10 minute flight time.  It take about an hour to fully charge the battery.

It will record FPV (First Person Video), which means the camera sees what the helicopter sees, as it’s flying around.

People say this RC helicopter is very durable, and it gets great reviews.

The wind will definitely effect smaller RC copters, so if you want fly outdoors or do outdoor aerial photography, it’s better to choose a Quadcopter model.

Fantom FC40






The Phantom FC40 Quadcopter model shown above has been flown in 20-30 MPH gusts of wind, because of it’s self-stabilizing abilities.

Some more features of the FC40 include:

  • The camera can be manually tilted up or down
  • The camera is a Smart Camera and allows Wi-Fi streaming using an iOS (iPhone, ipod touch, ipad Operating System) or Android app control.
  • If you want, you can switch to a Go Pro camera for better quality videos and photos
  • The transmitter on the FC40 operates on 5.8GHz, so the camera’s Wi-Fi won’t cause interference.

Be careful when choosing other quadcopter modelsWi-Fi streaming may not be possible, because of interference with the remote control.

More RC Helicopter with Camera models

dji inspire 1







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