RC Helicopter Flight Simulator


A RC Helicopter Flight Simulator is a program which goes on your computer (in DVD form) that allows you to simulate operating the controls of an RC Helicopter.

If you are really serious about RC flying, a simulator is a must-have. Yes, the simulators can be a little expensive, but would you rather pay $300 for one and be able to “crash” over and over, or spend $900 (or more) on a real RC helicopter and crash one time, with unrepairable damage?

Even experienced flyers practice with a simulator. You can practice in between actual flying time, when weather is bad, etc.

We recommend the Real Flight Heli Edition by Great Planes. This simulator is very realistic. It comes with an actual controller that plugs into your USB port.

real flight simulator controller

You may not be able to tell the simulator screen shot from a real life picture. It has realistic motion and engine sound changes, and a feature called TrueView, which duplicates the way natural light looks outside. You can adjust the visual quality with an onscreen slider.

The Welcome Screen starts off with a “Tip of the day”. Then you choose a Scenario, select an Aircraft to Use, and select a Flying Site.

Real Flight Heli Edition There are many different training videos built into the program. There are virtual flight instructors, and “Smart Binoculars” that allow you to see your RC heli close up.

The Real Flight Heli program includes over 75 airplanes, and more than 20 helicopters. It also includes 40 flying sites. The version shown above (click on the photos or “Order Now” button below) also has a Mega Pack that includes over 35 planes and 45 helicopters.

There is a Reset Button – when you crash you just push this to start over. When you crash in real life, you can’t just start over. You first have to check your bank account for money for parts, or a new copter!

This program also has multi-player combat games built in, with 6 modes, including paintball, machine gun, and rocket games.

The video below shows a quick overview of the simulator. You can even see the virtual helicopter splitting into pieces in a crash! Unlike real life, just push Reset to start over. Some RC helicopter models cost many hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, so a simulator is a good buy.

One Real Flight Heli user said he “saved somewhere around $10,000 to $25,000 in crashed and/or totaled helis & repairs“.

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