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RC Aerial Photography is becoming more popular. If you are going to do aerial photography, please check you local laws, and read our Laws page first.

Outside the US, laws may be more liberal. As long as you have the flying skills and proper RC helicopter camera equipment, and are flying in an open area away from people, there are locations where you can get some great videos of aerial photography.

The video above was filmed in Switzerland. The helicopter used was an Align T-Rex 600EFL Pro. This is an advanced RC helicopter. It also not Ready to Fly – it comes as a kit that you must assemble.

If you like building model kits, many RC helicopter enthusiasts say putting together an RC helicopter from a kit is almost as enjoyable as flying the copter.

The video above was filmed in Texas (US). All the videos on this page were done using using an Align RC Helicopter.

The Align T-Rex 500E model shown below  is a good example of a helicopter to build from a kit. It is less expensive than the Align copter used in the videos, and also gets excellent reviews.

align-trex 500e


The video above was filmed in Austria.

All the above videos show First Person View (FPV) [sometimes called Remote Video Piloting (RVP)]. This is a video view from a camera mounted on the helicopter, just as if you were sitting in a real helicopter with a camera and taking pictures.

Remember again, if you are going to do RC Aerial Photography, please observe your local and national laws. Also pick suitable locations – if you live on a farm or a large estate, these might be good locations.

You shouldn’t start outdoor flying and/or aerial photography until you have perfected your flying skills.


You will also need a more expensive helicopter that has more features, is able to withstand flying in the wind, and will allow for the weight of a more advanced camera being mounted.

If you have a more advanced model and you do crash, there is a good chance you will be able to find replacement p camera gimbal mount arts.

With a cheaper model, if you crash, you may have to buy another helicopter.

Some examples of advanced copters are the Align models shown above, or a quadcopter model.

There are many RC Camera Models available, but many people upgrade their camera to a Go Pro camera (shown above), and use a special Gimbal, to mount the camera.

Some of the more expensive copters also allow a live video feed, as opposed to other camera models which just record onto an SD card.

The video below was filmed in Charnecles, France. The “pilot” does a good job of navigating through the countryside and around Dogwood trees, while an instrumental version of “Nothing Else Matters” plays as background music:

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