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Anyone can fly a remote control helicopter the “normal” way, but it takes a certain level of skill to fly upside down. Also known as flying inverted, the learning curve for this maneuver is somewhat steep, which may discourage some newcomers from attempting it. Once you learn the basics, however, you’ll be ready to do flips and fly upside down. Gyro Invert-X

Except for the “Fly Upside Down Right Out of the Box!” model, you will normally need a 6 channel, collective pitch helicopter for inverted flying.

Know Your Controls

Before you attempt to fly upside down or “invertedly”, you should practice and become very familiar with your RC helicopter controls, especially the “joysticks” (also called cyclic controls).

Flight Simulator Training

While not necessarily a prerequisite for flying a RC helicopter inverted, using a flight simulator program will help you understand the fundamental physics behind this maneuver. Real Flight and Phoenix are both excellent RC flight simulators that deliver realistic aerodynamics and physics. The Phoenix program especially is said to be “an absolute must for learning how to fly CP (Collective Pitch) helicopters”.

I recommend using one of these programs to perform an inverted flight maneuver before attempting it with your actual RC helicopter.  The simulators are a little pricey, but will easily save you many times their cost in damaged helicopters.  They’re also a lot of fun to use by themselves.

Steps To Flying a RC Helicopter Inverted

For inverted flights, lightweight RC helicopters tend to work the best. When you are ready to put your simulator training skills to the test, find a large, open area that’s free of obstruction and fly your RC helicopter so it’s hovering in midair. Make sure you have a lot of altitude, and know which way you want to bail out. Maintain control of the helicopter while slowly increasing its altitude.

Now here’s the tricky part: push the cyclic stick on your controller to increase the angle forward while simultaneously increasing the throttle to give it speed. As you increase the angle, your helicopter will begin to roll forward. When it flips, adjust the throttle downward until you reach the mid-point when the blades of the helicopter are parallel to the ground. You can then move the throttle downward to create a negative pitch and hover inverted.

Inverted hovering at first may seem hard to grasp because our brain doesn’t want to believe a heli can fly upside down. So it will take some time for the skills to sink in completely. Just keep practicing 30 minutes a day, and you’ll finally get the hang of it.

The video bel rc heli controls ow does a good job of demonstrating how to fly a RC helicopter upside down. Watch which direction the control sticks are moving at the bottom left of the video, while he is performing the inverted flight maneuvers:

Fly Upside Down Right Out of the Box!

Click on the photo at the top of this page or here to see a RC helicopter you can fly upside down right out of the box! The GYRO Invert-X 3.5CH can be st up to fly upside down or upright, just like a regular RC helicopter.

This is all possible because of the Invert Rotor Technology which lets you easily remove the main rotors and flip them upside or right side up. No tools are necessary.

This heli is 8 inches long and 4 inches high. It’s suitable for indoor use and is ready to fly – no assembly required. It has a lightweight metal body and is able to withstand rough landings. Go forward, backward, up, down, left, right, and hover. It has a rechargeable battery that charges off the transmitter – just 6 AA batteries required for transmitter.

It also features LED lights that blink just like a real helicopter.

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