DJI – The Most Advanced Quadcopter Yet


DJI, the creator of the famous Phantom-FC40, has come out with the most advanced quadcopter ever. It’s called the Inspire 1.

Complete Ready to Fly System

As soon as you take off with this quadcopter, all four legs lift up. This allows you to take 360 degree video, without any of the copter parts blocking the view.

dji inspire 1

Live HD Camera View

4K video at 24-30FPS, or 1080P at 24-60FPS

94 degree wide-angle FOV lens

It has a 4K video camera and streams full HD video to your iPad. It can also take 12 megapixel still photographs.

You can film and store a 1080p video, and fly about a mile.

The camera has a quick release and can be removed from the aircraft for safe transport.

Fly Indoors or Outdoors

dji inspire 1 controller This copter uses a special sonic wave technology that gives you the same stability indoors as GPS does outdoors.  The Inspire 1 will hold its location, stop when the controls are released, and quickly respond to pilot commands.

You can use 2 controllers at the same time. This means one person can use a map and control the copter flight, while another person concentrates on shooting video. Each person can have their own video screen to see what is happening in real time. This allows you to film more complex and artistic shots. dji inspire 1 controllers

You can set a “home position” (where your remote control is). The copter will return to that position, even if you wander off. A secondary camera senses when the copter is close to the ground, and lowers the landing gear.

With a single operator, you can lock the camera’s focus area, even if the copter is moving. This is great for filming weddings, or anything else where you want to focus on one location.

outside aerial scene

App Features

  • Toggle between camera view and map
  • Live Map and Radar – see precisely where your copter is at all times on the live map. The map can be enlarged when needed, and shows your most recent flight path
  • Auto-takeoff and Auto-landing
  • Manual camera controls
  • Many other functions

You can fly 16 to 18 minutes on a single battery charge, unlike many other RC helicopters which may only have about 5 to 7 minutes of flight time.

A computer supplies the pilot with estimates of remaining flying distance and time to return home.

Automated Charging tracks battery status and the overall health of the battery.

Remember to follow all laws in your area if you are flying this quadcopter outside.

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The video below is well done and shows the Inspire 1 in flight, as well as video taken by the copter itself:

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