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The AR Drone Android (also called Parrot AR Drone) is a quadcopter (or drone) made by a french company called Parrot.

It’s said to be the first quadcopter made that’s controlled directly from a Android Smartphone, iPad, or a Tablet.

It was revealed at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It uses an iOS (iPad or iPhone Operating System) and comes with a free App.

Just by tilting your iPad, iPhone, or Tablet, you control the movement and direction of the Parrot. If you keep your iPhone still, your quadcopter will just hover.

ar parrot controlled by ipad

Two Cameras

It includes a vertical camera and a frontal camera. Both these cameras provide First Person Views – you see what the camera sees. You switch from one camera to another with your Smartphone or iPad.

Two Flight Modes

Use the Director Mode to program automatic movements. The software will compensate for light wind, and you can fine tune exposure, color, and other settings.

The Absolute Control Piloting Mode is a patented process for beginners, which allows you to tilt your Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet, and see the quadcopter fly or turn in the same direction. This means a beginner can become a skilled pilot with just a few minutes of practice.

ar parrot controlled by iphone

The front facing camera is a 720p high definition camera. An interface will appear on your iPhone, iPad, etc. over the live video.

You’ll see a Settings Menu, Buttons to Record video and take still pictures, Altitude, Speed, Battery Level, and other functions.

The Parrot AR has an automatic stabilization system that will make sure you get a high quality, clear picture, even in light wind conditions.

This quadcopter will self-correct itself and maintain a still position in the sky, until you decide to steer or move it.

ar parrot with indoor hull

It comes with a special hull for flying indoors (see photo above), to protect against crashing or bumping into things.

Also included are two pairs of propellersone black pair, and one pair to compliment your selected color scheme (three camouflage stylesjungle, sand, or snow).

Acrobatic Flip

By pressing a special button, you can make the AR Drone do a forward or backward flip, or barrel roll, while in flight.

After the flip, it will automatically recover and self-correct itself.

USB Recording – Record and Save Long Videos

You don’t have to use up your Smartphone or Tablet memory for videos. A USB plug is located inside the Parrot AR, so you can shoot as much video as you want, to show to friends or share on YouTube – see videos below:

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