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Owning a remote control (RC) helicopter allows you to do more than just solo flights. From camera mounting to racing, inverted flights and more, the possibilities are endless. That’s why today we’re going to reveal 5 fun things to do with an RC helicopter.

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Mount a Camera

Of course, you can also mount a camera onto your RC helicopter. There are special miniature-sized cameras that are designed specifically for mounting on RC helicopters, planes, cars, trucks and other vehicles. Once attached, they will generally store the footage on a local drive (usually an SD or MicroSD Card), at which point you can retrieve the footage to view on your smartphone or computer. Camera-mounted RC helicopters have become increasingly popular over the past few years, opening the doors to a whole new world of possibilities for hobbyists.

Race With Other RC Helicopter Hobbyists

Tired of flying your RC alone? Assuming you live in a populated area with other RC hobbyists, you can always set up races. Contrary to what some people may believe, cars and trucks aren’t the only RC vehicles that can be raced. If you have an RC helicopter, find another like-minded hobbyist with whom to orchestrate a race. You can set a starting point and a finish line at a large, open field. Whoever crosses the line first with his or her RC helicopter wins the race.

Upgrade the Parts

If you’re a “hands-on” hobbyist, perhaps you’ll enjoy upgrading the components of your RC helicopter. Most RC helicopters, especially the hobby-grade models (not toy-grade) feature removable/replaceable components. This means you can take off the stock parts (e.g. tail, rotor, blades, etc.), replacing them with performance-grade parts. DIY upgrades such as this will go a long ways in boosting your helicopter’s speed and performance, which is something every hobbyist should strive for.

Fly Through an Obstacle Course

The next time you’re sitting around the house bored one day, create an obstacle course for your RC helicopter. If you have an indoor RC helicopter, you may want to rearrange the furniture to create “loops” and towers. Next, try to fly through the course, from start to finish, without bumping into anything.

Join a Local RC Helicopter Club

There are hundreds if not thousands of RC helicopter clubs throughout the US, covering all of the major cities. Joining one will allow you to network with other hobbyists, many of whom are eager to share their expertise and experience. Many RC helicopter clubs even hold their own races and competitions, adding a fun new dynamic to this already thrilling hobby.

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