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Welcome to Remote Control Helicopter Deals. We search out the web for the best deals and information on RC Helicopters, Quadcopters, Hexacopters, and Octocopters.

We also offer buying guides, tips on how to fly and do maneuvers, and ways to have fun with and use your RC Helicopter or Quadcopter.

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RC Helicopter Buying Guides

5 Reasons To Buy a RC Helicopter
Which Size RC Helicopter is Right For Me?
What Do the Different RC Helicopter Terms and Abbreviations Mean?
3 Types of RC Helicopters – Which One is Right For You?
Pros and Cons of Nitro RC Helicopters
Beginner’s Guide to Owning a Nitro-Powered RC Helicopter
Spread Spectrum RC Helicopters: What You Should Know

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How to Fly Your RC Helicopter – Flying Tips and Tutorials

How to Operate RC Helicopter Remote Controls
Using a RC Heli Flight Simulator
Safety measures for RC helicopters
Why Won’t My RC Helicopter Charge?
Why Won’t My RC Helicopter Fly Straight?
How To Fix a RC Helicopter Spinning In Circles
How To Make Your RC Helicopter Fly Upside Down
How To Clean a Gummed Up RC Engine
How To Bank Turn With a RC Helicopter
How to Fly Your RC Helicopter in a Funnel
Top Tips to Make Your RC Helicopter Faster

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Having Fun With Your RC Heli or Quadcopter

5 Fun Things To Do With a RC Helicopter
6 Ways to Improve Your RC Helicopter Flying Skills
RC Aerial Photography

Drones and Quadcopters in the News

Have you heard the news stories about Drones and Quadcopters?

Are you wondering what the laws are regarding quadcopters? Read about the history of drone use and learn the current drone laws in the US and other parts of the world.

The Most Advanced Copters and the Latest Features

A Quadcopter Controlled Directly From a Smartphone
The Most Advanced Quadcopter Yet

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